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Bitcoin versus Gold: Which One Should I Invest In?

No matter what era it has been, people have always been concerned about keeping their money safe and sound. This is because all their money are kept in banks and investment institutions. And the trust issues among the people are on fire these days, and of course for good reasons. Many people don’t trust the banks at all. Some don’t believe in retirement savings. This is why many people tend to buy gold coins. And on the other hand, some people prefer investing in Bitcoin or any similar cryptocurrency. Your coins are kept safe in online wallets. They are significantly secure. The special factor about the gold bullion and Bitcoins is that they are deemed out of the range of the conventional banking system. Are you still confused about which one to choose?

This article highlights the difference between the two. Read on.

  1. Bitcoin is perfect when you have to pay for something

It is safer than holding money just like the cash in the bank. It is also flexible in nature as well as useful when you have to pay for something. Just imagine if the financial systems are down and the banks are closed, this is where the Bitcoin money comes to the rescue. Your web and cell phone systems are up and running and you can easily access your Bitcoin wallet and send away your Bitcoins to the concerned parties to any part of the world. You need no banks, no permission from the government as well. But the only drawback here is, if there is no Internet or no cell service, you won’t be able to use Bitcoins. This is because all the cryptocurrencies can be accessed online only.

  1. Gold is perfect for security purposes

As the gold coins and bars aren’t deemed the most flexible when you have to pay for something, it still remains the most secure form of wealth. Gold has always been deemed valuable. As it is tangible, you can actually hold it in your hand, with or without the presence of banks, and with or without the working internet connection. When the market is really down, you can always depend on gold. And when it comes to giving away gold to pay for something, always consider investing in gold by the means of fractional gold coins. It means that you just don’t have to purchase gold bars. Just buy some smaller gold coins. You can also add an extra layer of security by investing in some Bitcoins as well.

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